Vietnam News Agency – Flow of mainstream news that never stops

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Vietnam News Agency – Flow of mainstream news that never stops

Over the course of its 76 years, the Vietnam News Agency (VNA) reporters and editors have immersed themselves in every change of the nation. Generations of journalists have been present in the fiercest battlefields, important political events as well as hotspots of diseases and natural disasters, thereby contributing to keeping news flowing.

Joining the national protection, construction and development causes is a vivid illustration for the VNA staff’s responsibility for the Party and State. They feel a glow of pride when providing the flow of mainstream news for the public.

From a small group of communications officials and patriotic intellectuals at the information department under the communications ministry of the then Provisional Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, the VNA today boasts more than 2,200 staff members, including cadres, reporters, editors, technicians and other staff members, and has a presence in Vietnam’s all 63 cities and provinces and 30 countries and territories on all five continents. It is currently a partner of more than 40 news and press agencies around the world./.

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