Vietnamese art book on wildlife to be released in UK

11/06/2021 08:54 8

Vietnamese art book on wildlife to be released in UK

HCM CITY — An art book about wildlife by writer Trang Nguyễn and painter Jeet Zdung will be released in the UK in September following a copyright agreement signed by the book’s publisher, Kim Đồng Publishing House, and its partner, Pan MacMillan.

The book, Chang Hoang Dã - Gấu (Saving Sorya, Chang and The Sun Bear), features the journey of Chang, a young girl with big dreams of saving endangered wild animals. It tells the stories about animals that are close to extinction.

Artist Jeet Zdung, whose real name is Nguyễn Tiến Dũng, was born in 1988. He has won prizes for his illustrations. His works were shown at the Cartoon Festival organised by the Wallonie – Bruxelles Delegation in Việt Nam in 2012. — VNS

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