Hospitals to add beds if COVID-19 cases increase

Xem số liệu Covid-19 mới nhất tại đây

11/06/2021 08:58 5

Hospitals to add beds if COVID-19 cases increase

HCM CITY — The HCM City Department of Health has instructed the Hospital for Tropical Diseases and Củ Chi District Hospital to make plans to admit COVID-19 patients if the number of cases in the city increases significantly.

The department is preparing 2,000 beds for treatment and 200 ones for resuscitation. In the worst-case scenario, the number of beds for treatment would increase to 5,000.

Patients in Gò Vấp District and District 12’s Thạnh Lộc Ward, the worst-hit areas in the city, should be tested for COVID-19 if they visit health facilities.

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