Vietnam reverses quarantine extension for foreign arrivals

05/05/2021 15:49 10

Vietnam reverses quarantine extension for foreign arrivals

Vietnam will continue its policy of mandatory 14-day quarantine for foreign arrivals while strengthening monitoring and post-quarantine restrictions. -

The Health Ministry sent a document to local authorities Wednesday, reversing the decision to extend the quarantine period that it had announced just a day earlier.

After completing their quarantine, the men began working at the Trung Bac A Company and continued to have their health monitored for 14 days at another hotel by local medical staff. However, the experts left their hotel and visited many localities in northern Vietnam from April 23 to 25 before leaving for China. Chinese authorities have since notified their Vietnamese counterparts that four of them have tested positive for the new coronavirus. The group has infected at least 15 people in Vietnam – 14 in Vinh Phuc and one in Hanoi.

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